Ponto Comercial para Venda, Adamantina / SP, bairro 2 km do cenro

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Código: niobio
Bairro: 2 km do cenro

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Descrição do Imóvel

Areas of Niobium, Tantalite, Cassiterite and gold. 
It is available for partnership or sale. 
There are 5 areas, these 5 areas containing all this material together. It needs an average plant, which is worth RS 1,000,000.00 (one thousand reais) outside the PC. Still it is necessary all the infrastructure for mining, eg Shed, dining room, workshop, accommodation, kitchen, and everything that is necessary for the operation of mining. All areas are very rich in materials such as demonstrative of the photos. 

Each area may be placed various plants. 
Each plant removes a month the following amounts of material (average of 4 to 7 tons / day at a minimum), and the estimation of deposit is 40 to 50 years of production: 

45 tons of niobium - content of 51-55%; 
45 tons of cassiterite -Low of 27-32%; 
45 tons of tantalite - content of 27-34%; 
Gold - Each vane, removes on average 15 to 20 kg of gold. 

Partnership: 50% to 50% (will be paid all monthly expenses, and profit split 50% to 50%), and after making the partnership document and visit in place here confirm what is being said, because there the ore Florado is for all sides, it is very material, as confirmed photos of bateias attached. 

All costs to the proper functioning of the deposit, will be due to the investment partner, as well as all administrative and operational part, it is the investor's responsibility. 

After all settled, you should pay a glove, which will be cashed within 5 years of production in the amount of $ 4,000,000.00 (four million dollars). 

Provenance: We are arranging and documenting all areas, which will be passed on to the company concerned, and so it will manage the entire production of the mine. 

If Sale: $ 1,100,000,000.00 (one billion and one hundred million US dollars) each deposit. 

It is the origin of some form of partnership, verifying the existence of the material described herein and making payment. Note: The values of the price, percentage and glove does not change. 

Code: 5114 
We are part of HC Investment Group - WE ARE SPECIALISTS IN INVESTMENTS 
This announcement can be altered, you must confirm before schedule the visit. Contacts: 11 98298-7202 Whatsapp / Line Tim / (012) 99110-6776 Light / 12 3874-4294 office.

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